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Providing IT consulting services, supporting all Governance, Risk and Compliance needs. The Leader in IT Risk Management

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We assist organizations in developing full lifecycle of Governance, Risk and Compliance frameworks.

We specialize in IT Governance, Risk Assessment, audit and regulatory compliance with specific focus on FFIEC, OCC, FRB, GLBA, Sarbanes Oxley (SOX), Payment Card Industry (PCI), Personally Identifiable Information laws (PII), NIST 800-53, ISO27001, NYDFS, CPMI-IOSCO Cyber security Guidance regulations.

Our Services

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We specialize in adopting industry standard frameworks customized to your organization's risk appetite supporting your operational / cyber risk management needs.

About Us

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We help organizations manage risk and compliance, and grow safely and profitably by providing expertise and services to help them make critical business decisions. We serve from banking and finance to securities and insurance, financial services and government organizations. Our staff has experience over 20+ years providing such services to various organizations.

We specialize in 3rd party vendor risk assessments utilizing Shared Assessment SIG/AUP, AICPA SOC-1/SOC-2 etc. standards making sure your organization is protected from 3rd party / vendor risks.

Our Services

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We are an IT Governance, Risk and Compliance company with a very exclusive skill set of IT Risk Management professionals. Our dedicated team evaluates the health of your IT infra and helps you perform risk management based on your business objectives and priorities. We protect your most important data from being exploited

Enterprises are burdened with compliance requirements enforced by the industry standards as well as local government bodies. A multi-national enterprise or a small business today are worried about protecting their sensitive data and mitigating risk is a complex responsibility. Our Compliance Management Service team has a network of professionals, experienced in global information security compliance and regulatory requirements. We help our customer transform their IT security function by implementing complete compliance life-cycle management. We customize our services by integrating various compliance, regulatory, industry standards and audit requirements to bring business value while enforcing accountability across enterprise.



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